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"I've been using Brent Filson's methodologies for more than seven years. And they get results! They not only get results on a tactical level but a strategic level too."

– Richard Brown, President & Global General Manager, Fortune 100 Company.

"What Brent teaches is simple yet profound in its implications. We need to motivate people to choose to be our cause leaders, not have people simply do things. Instead of telling people what you know and want them to do, we need to understand their motivation, tap their emotion, and enlist them as cause leaders to share a dream. I keep Brent's card in my wallet to remind me of the steps in the process. Every Leadership Talk that I give follows this process. I recently used this process to enlist the support in a campaign for corporate giving. As a result we increased the employee participation and realized an increase in the giving rate per employee by 10%.  His approach had a positive impact on the results."

– David Goodnight, Vice President, Asia/Pacific & Latin America


Brent has been a provocative guest on TV talk shows and radio. He has been on more than 60 radio shows in the last few months!


The author of 23 books, Brent Filson first learned about leadership as a Marine Corps rifle platoon commander.  For the past 20 years, as a civilian, he has helped thousands of leaders in major companies worldwide achieve sizable and continual increases in results.  He has published many books and hundreds of articles on leadership, has developed motivational leadership strategies and has created and instituted leadership educational and training programs.  He has lectured at Columbia University, M.I.T., Wake Forest, Villanova and other universities. He is the founder and president of The Filson Leadership Group, Inc.  His latest book, The Leadership Talk: The Greatest Leadership Tool, will be out in the fall.

Brent has been a rousing guest on more than 50 radio shows during the past month, since he first started talking about the campaign. "Brent Filson was absolutely AWESOME this morning.  Great show!"  Kim Douglas, WDAY Radio, Fargo, ND.

"We had Brent on today's show ... he was great!" Allen Strike , WTRC, Elkhart, Indiana


  • How did you get interested in leadership?  
  • What is the Leadership Talk? 
  • Why is the Leadership Talk the most powerful leadership tool? 
  • Why is the Leadership Talk the most important factor in the upcoming election? 
  • Why is it that George W. Bush and John Kerry donít have a clue about Leadership Talks?
  • What are the 5 leadership sins that most leaders, including Bush and Kerry, are committing?
  • How would you advise Bush and Kerry to improve their leadership skills? 
  • How would you rate Americaís leadership in the war on terror and Iraq?

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For scheduling: BRENT FILSON at 413-458-4403 or pr@actionleadership.com