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“George Bush’s ‘House Cleanings’ Need A Leadership Strategy -- Or They’ll Backfire”, says leadership expert.”

Williamstown, MA, November 25, 2004: – As President Bush shuffles his cabinet, he should understand that there are right and wrong ways to clean his executive house, says world recognized leadership expert, Brent Filson.

Filson asserts, “Having won the election, Bush has every right to put his own people into leadership positions in the executive side of the government.  But if his designees don’t know how to clean house in the right way, they could end up being the recipients of an organizational backlash that’ll cripple their effectiveness.”

Filson, who as founder and president of the Filson Leadership Group, Inc., has worked with thousands of leaders worldwide during the past 20 years, contends that a new management team often errs in not coupling their takeover strategy with a “leadership strategy.”

He says: “There are two ways that new management teams can radically change an organization: the my-way-or-the-highway route, in which the new leaders make non-negotiable demands regarding the changes -- or the leadership strategy route, in which the new leaders get cause leaders within the organization on their side to help carry out the changes.”

“The second way is by far the better way.  Most of the time, the best kind of lasting change is not imposed from without but promoted from within.  Leadership Strategies are the way to make the latter happen.  Whereas an organizational strategy marshals resources and people and organizes around a central goal or concept, a leadership strategy gets people who must carry out the re-organization to become the cause leaders of change.  Most leaders don’t have a clue as to what a leadership strategy is, yet it is the most important thing of all when you changing things.  George Bush’s new appointees take heed!”

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