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“Both Bush & Kerry Were “Clueless” In The Campaign, According To Leadership Expert.”

Williamstown, MA, November 12, 2004: – Bush won, Kerry lost but the real losers were the American people, says leadership expert, Brent Filson.

Filson says that both Bush and Kerry were “clueless” about leadership and leadership communication during the campaign.

“Leaders not only have to lead well,” says Filson, “But they also have to communicate leadership.  And both Bush and Kerry were considerably off the mark when it comes to leadership communication.”

Filson contends that for most of the campaign, both candidates focused on giving presentations and speeches rather than what he calls “leadership talks.”

The founder and president of The Filson Leadership Group, Inc., a corporate consultancy, Filson asserts that leadership talks are not presentations or speeches.  “Presentations and speeches primarily communicate information, but leadership talks are a much more effective leadership communication tool.  They establish a deep, human emotional connection with people.

“It’s taken me 20 years of working with thousands of leaders around the world to identify what leadership talks are and to show how they should be given.

“Ronald Reagan was a master at giving leadership talks, so was Bill Clinton.  But both Bush and Kerry didn’t break out of the speech mode until the debates.  It was in the debates that Kerry began giving leadership talks for the first time.

“And it was after the debates that George Bush, prompted by his having done poorly in them, went out there to many audiences in the battle ground states and was himself and laid it all on the line in heartfelt ways.

Filson asserts that the American people were poorly served by both candidates because their unsatisfactory leadership communications do not augur well for the war on terror. 

“These are our top leaders.  They can do better.  Clement Atlee said of Winston Churchill that “he did so well in World War Two because he talked well about it.’ 

“George Bush has not been able to inspire the world to join him in the war because he has not been able to talk about it in way that will motivate most people to get behind his leadership.  Just the opposite has happened instead.  He is the first American president to have consistently negative poll ratings in all but a few countries.   Hopefully, in the months ahead, he’ll keep up his heartfelt, hard-hitting communications that he delivered during the past several weeks of the campaign.  The campaign taught him how to give leadership talks.  The question now is can he keep giving them.”

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