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Most Business Leaders Are Clueless
About Communicating Well!

“They're Screwing Up Their Jobs And Careers By Constantly Making A Single Communication Mistake Every Day", Says Leadership Expert In His Latest Book.”

Williamstown, MA, 1/20/2005:  Despite living in a Golden Age of communication technology -- faxes, e-mails, the Internet, etc. -- business leaders are stuck in the Stone Age when it comes getting their messages across, according to Brent Filson, founder and president of The Filson Leadership Group, Inc.  
Filson, who has worked with thousands of business leaders worldwide during the past 21 years, says: "The vast majority of business leaders I've encountered are repeatedly doing one thing that screws up their jobs and careers.  They're giving presentations and speeches, not Leadership Talks!"

The Leadership Talk is described in Brent's recently published book, The Leadership Talk: The Greatest Leadership Tool.

In defining the Leadership Talk, Filson says there is a hierarchy of verbal persuasion when it comes to business Leadership.  "The lowest levels are speeches and presentations, which primarily communicate information.  The highest and most effective level is the Leadership Talk.  The Leadership Talk does something much more than simply get information across, it has the leader establish a deep, human, emotional connection with the audience.  Its in the realm of that connection that business leaders get the best results."                          

The book is the product of his two decades consulting with leaders of all ranks and functions in top companies worldwide.  It offers:  

The author of 23 books, Brent Filson first learned about leadership as a Marine Corps rifle platoon commander. For the past 20 years, as a civilian, he has helped thousands of leaders in major companies worldwide achieve sizable and continual increases in results. He has published many books and hundreds of articles on leadership, developed motivational leadership strategies and created and instituted leadership educational and training programs. He has lectured at Columbia University, M.I.T., Wake Forest, Villanova and many other universities. Recently, he has conducted more than 125 radio interviews dealing with the Leadership Talk.

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