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“Our Post-Election, Political Divide Is A Great Thing!” says Leadership Expert.”

Williamstown, MA, December 1, 2004: – America’s political divisions, made sharper by the recent presidential election, strengthen not weaken our nation, says world recognized leadership expert, Brent Filson.

“Our secret weapon in this war on terror is NOT that we are a nation united,” Filson asserts, “But that we are a nation DIVIDED.  As long as we come out of such a bitterly contested election as this one with our democracy strong and functioning, we’ll win this war much sooner than pundits are speculating..”

Filson, who as founder and president of the Filson Leadership Group, Inc., has worked with thousands of leaders worldwide during the past 20 years, says that our republic has been beset, since its inception, by rancorous elections.  “In the election of 1800, for instance, passions between the Republican and Federalist parties were so inflamed, the survival of our democracy was in question. Federalist newspapers howled that if Jefferson were elected ‘the teaching of murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest would be rampant’.   Remarkably -- miraculously even -- the Federalists peacefully handed over power to their hated rivals, setting a precedent that has guided American politics ever since.”

Filson asserts that the crucible of the American electoral process promotes rigorous testing of the issues.  “Furthermore, the campaign puts the candidates in a propitious pressure cooker, making them stronger as individuals and leaders. 

“For instance, the closeness of the race forced Bush out of the presidential bubble in which he had been giving canned speeches to canned audiences throughout most of his presidency and made him -- especially in the last few weeks of the campaign -- address audiences spontaneously from the heart.   He is much the better man and better leader for the campaign experience  -- and hopeful, if he doesn’t retreat back into the bubble, will be a much better president.”

Filson observes that it is time to put party differences aside and look at the bigger picture.  “That means uniting as Americans to wage the war on terror.  We’ll come to see that our nation is far better at waging the war having gone through this divisive campaign.”

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