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"I've been using Brent Filson's methodologies for more than seven years. And they get results! They not only get results on a tactical level but a strategic level too."

– Richard Brown, President & Global General Manager, Fortune 100 Company.

"What Brent teaches is simple yet profound in its implications. We need to motivate people to choose to be our cause leaders, not have people simply do things. Instead of telling people what you know and want them to do, we need to understand their motivation, tap their emotion, and enlist them as cause leaders to share a dream. I keep Brent's card in my wallet to remind me of the steps in the process. Every Leadership Talk that I give follows this process. I recently used this process to enlist the support in a campaign for corporate giving. As a result we increased the employee participation and realized an increase in the giving rate per employee by 10%.  His approach had a positive impact on the results."

– David Goodnight, Vice President, Asia/Pacific & Latin America

Interview national leadership authority,
Brent Filson, on the 5 deadly sins of leadership!

What they are ... How most people commit them to the detriment of their careers ...
How national leaders continually commit them ...

Brent ought to know about leadership. For two decades, he has been teaching his proprietary, career-boosting leadership methodologies to literally thousands of leaders at all levels and in all functions worldwide.

He says, “Practically all careers hang on leadership. If you can’t lead effectively ... if you can’t move others to get results ... you’ll never achieve your full career potential. But here’s the catch: There are many hundreds of leadership books in print, leadership is constantly talked about, it’s the subject of legions of courses in undergraduate and graduate schools. ... And yet ... there are critical leadership factors that all the books and all the talk and all the courses have missed. The result is that the vast majority of leaders whom I have encountered don’t know the first thing about what effective leadership really is. They’re consistently committing the 5 Deadly Leadership Sins.” In his interview, you’ll learn:

The 5 Deadly Sins ... how to avoid them ... and how to capitalize on them to immediately turbo charge your career.

  • The one basic change in your thinking that can help you motivate people to be your cause leaders.
  • How to transfer your motivation to others so that they feel as strongly as you do about your leadership challenge.
  • The difference between right action and wrong action and how to get people to take right action for results.
  • Why throwing away your Power Point and A/V equipment can boost your career.
  • The Leadership Sins being exhibited in the hottest current events.

Brent Filson first learned about leadership as a Marine Corps infantry officer. Since then, he has consulted with leaders in top world wide businesses, published books and articles on leadership, developed motivational leadership strategies, processes and skill sets, and created and instituted leadership educational and training programs. He is the author of more than 20 books. His leadership books have been featured in more than 200 magazines and newspapers and scores of radio and television shows. He has lectured at Columbia University, MIT, Boston College, Wake Forest University, Williams College, Villanova, and more.

His leadership books are: Executive Speeches; Defining Moment: Motivating People To Take Action; Authority Is A Poor Excuse For Leadership; Results!-Results!Results! Getting More Faster; and the forthcoming, The Leadership Talk: Motivating People To Get More Results Faster, Continually.

He is the founder and president of The Filson Leadership Group, Inc.