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"Brent Filson is one of the most talented communicators in the world. If you want to learn to motivate two, two hundred, or two thousand people, his lectures and seminars are a must!"

–– Joseph Mancuso, CEO, Center for Entrepreneurial Management

"One of the key components of Brent's methodologies is their tremendous value in driving monumental change through the leadership of others in the matrix supporting your cause.  The actions of developing cause leaders has allowed ordinary teams in my organization to achieve extraordinary results." 

— Robert Cancalosi, Global General Manager, General Electric Medical

"The term ‘leadership' means different things to different people. Brent's approach to Action Leadership is very specific and can be a powerful tool to obtain specific results. I have applied his tools and techniques in multiple companies and on multiple continents and found universal results. In my latest assignment I applied his principles to help improve operating margin by over 30 margin points."

— Paul Conroy, Business General Manager - Honeywell Europe

Media Room


“The Three Presidential Debates Were An Unmitigated Disaster For George Bush.  There’s One Reason Why.  And It Has Nothing To Do With The Issues, ” Says Leadership Expert.

Williamstown, MA, October 15, 2004: – The three presidential debates, which just concluded with George Bush and John Kerry squaring off in Tempe, Arizona, were an unmitigated disaster for George Bush, according to leadership expert, Brent Filson.

Download article "Why Bush Lost The Debates" (40 kb pdf)

"You can win the election, John Kerry, if do one thing at the Democratic Convention, but I bet you won't do it!" Says Leadership Expert Brent Filson

Williamstown , July 26, 2004 -- John Kerry has an opportunity to take one decisive step at this week's Democratic Convention, a step that would win the presidency for him, according to leadership expert Brent Filson.

"The trouble with John Kerry is that he doesn't understand the first thing about what leadership communication really is," says Filson. Author of new book, The Leadership Talk: The Greatest Leadership Tool, Filson asserts that Kerry is being hampered by his delivering presentations and speeches instead of Leadership Talks.

Click here for full press release.

The Overriding Campaign Issue: "It’s Leadership, Stupid!"

New York, March 3, 2004 – Now that the Super Tuesday results have made it an undisputed Bush/Kerry presidential campaign, what is the overriding campaign issue? It’s Leadership, Stupid!, says leadership expert Brent Filson, echoing the now-famous sign from a former successful presidential campaigner.

Click here to view full press release.

Click here to download the article "The Real 2004 Campaign Issue: ‘It’s Leadership, Stupid!’" (PDF 108K)

"Mr. President: It's Not The Pay Records, It's Leadership!" Says Leadership Expert Brent Filson

New York, February 11, 2004 -- President Bush can redress a dismal performance on “Meet The Press” and at the same time score a leadership coup, according to leadership expert Brent Filson.

Filson, founder and president of The Filson Leadership Group, Inc., a corporate leadership consultancy, says that the President should seize the initiative with his military service controversy by getting all records out immediately, not just the pay records, telling the truth about his military service and then using the bully pulpit of his office to deliver a heartfelt explanation of his actions.

"The issue is not the pay records or quibbling about when he served or didn't serve,” Filson says, “The issue’s his leadership. As a leader who holds others accountable for their actions, the question now is does he hold himself accountable? If he keeps evading the question, he’ll be the second one-term Bush President.

Click here to download article, "Mr. President: It's Not The Pay Records, It's Leadership!" (PDF 93K).

"The Democratic Candidates (Except One) Flunk Leadership Communication!" By Brent Filson

James Buchanan said, "I love the noise of democracy!" With the next presidential election cycle beginning, the noise is on the up-tick. Considering alternative forms of government, all noise in a democracy is good noise. However, in election campaigns, some noise is more effective than other noise. The trouble is, if the coming presidential campaign is shaping up to be anything like recent ones, the noise we will be subjected to will be thunderously ineffective.

To download Brent Filson’s article Click here (PDF 44K).

Productivity: The Tender Trap

WILLIAMSTOWN, Massachusetts— December 17, 2003 – American businesses have recently racked up the biggest productivity gains in 20 years, but viewed within the context of job gains, those gains can be a trap for business leaders, according to leadership authority, Brent Filson.

Filson, the founder and president of The Filson Leadership Group, Inc., says, “Sure, productivity is important in a business. It’s what any business must promote continually. Economists love it. Analysts love it. Stockholders love it. It’s all about bottom-line growth, which indicates how efficiently a business controls costs. But if leaders leave it at that, they’ll fall into a trap. Because there’s something much more important to business success than bottom-line productivity gains. It’s top-line or revenue growth. Look at the success stories of the past two-decades, the Microsofts, the GEs, the IBMs (after the Gerstner turnaround); such companies were successful because of top-line growth, not just productivity gains.”

To download Brent Filson’s 800 word article on Productivity: The Tender Trap, Click here (PDF 40K).

WILLIAMSTOWN, Massachusetts— November 19, 2003 – The economy is on the upswing, with the third quarter GDP growth rate the highest in decades; but the strategic thinking of many business leaders may be on the downswing, according to national leadership authority, Brent Filson.

To download Brent Filson’s 960 word article on Leadership Strategies (PDF, 86Kb), click here.


Click here to download 1500 word article (92K, in Adobe PDF format) that offers three focal points for promoting small-unit leadership.