Articles for Learning Leaders
The Candle And The Hurricane

Keeping learning alive in the face of the attack of the status quo.

Four Wrongs Leaders Continually Commit

Knowing you DON"T know is the entrance to the pleasure-dome of leadership wisdom. 


A results-multiplier for learning leaders

The Connor Factor

Here's a way to boost your leadership effectiveness now and throughout your career.

Brent Filson's Leadership Diagnostic

What's your impact on your company's leadership activities? See if you and your company are measuring up to the highest leadership standards.  

Leadership And "Dark Matter"

Your most important activities involve organizational "dark matter." 

Learning Leaders: Switch On Your Big Earnings-Growth Machine

Learning leaders can be vital players in driving earnings growth.

Who's The Smartest?

If the people you lead think you're smarter than they are, you may not be the best leader.

What's Your Purpose As A Leader?

If that purpose is not tied to the "Leadership Imperative," you are diminishing your job and career opportunities.

No End To Being A Better Leader

There is easy leadership and hard leadership.  Knowing the difference and living the difference enables you to be a more effective leader. 

The Wrong End Of Leadership

Looking at leadership from the right perspective makes all the difference in the world

Doing And Leading

The difference between doing and leading can be the defining difference in your job and career.

The HOW Of Getting Results: A Motivational Mindset

HOW you get results is as important as getting results.

The Stakes-Gap Leadership Virus

Your leadership will suffer if you don't identify and kill this virus.

The Way Of The Question Mark

A quick, simple way to boost your leadership effectiveness.

When People Say YES But Do NO

Motivation isn't what people say when they are talking with you, it's what they do after they leave your presence.  Here are six-ways to get people to do what you want when they are off by themselves.  

Are You Sabotaging Your Career?

Your are if you are giving presentations and speeches instead of Leadership Talks.

Triggering Urgency

Here are seven things you can do to help trigger and sustain urgency in the people you lead.

Learning Leaders, The Economic Crash And Small-Unit Leadership

The road to success in these hard times runs through small-unit leadership activities.

The New Learning Leader

In these hard times, it’s morning for learning leaders who are fortunate enough to see the light.

The Critical Convergence: The Key To Unlocking The Cash Box Of Motivation

You're can't be a success unless others want you to be. Here’s a proven process to get people to take motivated action to achieve your success.

Einstein, The Universe, And Learning Leadership

The challenge of trying to motivate people outside your sphere of influence to be your ardent cause leaders is daunting.  Here's Einstein to the rescue. 

11 Ways To Boost Your Value In Your Company

With the economic sky falling, your job performance and career advancement depend on how well you demonstrate your value to your company.

How Learning Leaders Can Drive Earnings Growth

A powerful way to boost your job performance and achieve career success.

Two Leadership Traps

All leaders occasionally get into these traps.  Here is how to recognize if you are in a trap, and, if you are, how to get out.  

The Status Quo Pep Talk

How to deal with a major impediment to your job performance and career growth.

Measuring Motivation

You can't DO motivation unless you MEASURE motivation.  And when you measure motivation, you're taking a giant step in getting big increases in results.

Your "Unfair" Competitive Advantage

Your great value to the organization is linked to one of its most pressing, on-going needs.

10 Ways To Thrive In This Recession (Part 2 of 2)

 There are great opportunities in this bad economy. 

Three Drivers of Employee Motivation

If you want to motivate employees, team members, colleagues, even significant others, you must absolutely know these three drivers. 

9 Ways To Make The Learning Stick

The learning begins when the teaching is over.  

The Greatest Learning Leader Opportunity: Small-unit Leadership

The care, celebration, and support of small-unit leadership can lead to big results in your company. 

Transforming Wrong Rewards Into Right Results

Negotiating the minefield of rewards and punishments.

The Fifth Level Of Motivation

A new look at the ranked dimensions of motivation

Four Steps To Making Motivation Stick

How to have people motivated so they stay motivated.

Sales And Leadership: The Differences That Matter

Knowing these vital differences can boost your job performance and your career.

(Continued) The Leadership Talk: The Greatest Leadership Tool

Your best job performance and career advancement process. (Part 2 of 2)

The Leadership Talk: The Greatest Leadership Tool

You are sabotaging your career if you are giving presentations/speeches, not Leadership Talks. (Part 1 of 2 Parts)

6 Ways To Bomb Proof Your Leadership Program

The next recession will hit. The question is WHEN? Here's HOW to prepare for it.

Creating Fresh Squeezed Motivation: Five Steps To Developing A Leadership Strategy

A Leadership Strategy must compliment every business strategy. Here is a five-step process to develop a Leadership Strategy. (Part 2 of 2)

Using The Strategic Dimensions Of Motivation

A Leadership Strategy must support every business strategy.

10 Ways To Thrive In This Recession (Part 1 of 2)

Bad Times Offer Great Opportunities For Learning Leaders—If You Know How to Act. Here’s How to Make the Downturn Work for You and Your Career.

Closing The Engagement Gap

Here's how to close one of the most important gaps any organization faces.

Leadership Development And Jumping Out of Airships

Economic downturns should have learning leaders sitting pretty.

A New Leadership Measuring Stick

Most leadership measurements are one-dimensional. Here's a dynamic scoring idea that will greatly improve the results of all your company's leadership activities.

The Learning Leader As Rain-Maker

Rain making should not just the function of sales/marketing leaders. It should also be the function of learning leaders.

Your Best Friend/Worst Enemy: Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can make or break any learning program. Here's how to meet its challenges.

How to Keep One Bad Apple From Spoiling Your Job Performance

How to deal with the bad apples that spoil your organization's performance.