The Learning Leader As Rain-Maker

Rain making should not just the function of sales/marketing leaders. It should also be the function of learning leaders.

By Brent Filson - 10/2007

Learning leaders have been called many things, some pleasant, some not. 
But one thing few learning leaders have been called, and maybe the most important thing they should be called, are rain-makers. 
As you know, rain-makers are those employees who achieve exceptional results, usually in the area of revenue generation.
Most companies find their rain-makers in the sales/marketing functions or client acquisition/retention arenas, with learning leaders playing an adjunct, if not irrelevant, role in rain-making activities.
But I submit that you, as a learning leader, can and should be a rain-maker too. In fact, as a learning leader, you can be the most important revenue generators in the company – as long as you see your organization’s employees and functions within the context of dynamic systems. 

By the way, I’m not talking about your burdening yourself with additional duties by taking on roles of those functions that traditionally drive earnings growth, sales, marketing, production, etc.  Instead, I’m talking about being a results partner to those functions.  Indeed, instead of working more in helping drive earnings growth, you should be working less – while you are perceived as a key player in the company.

Here are four ways you as a learning leader can be a rain-maker by developing and promoting these systems.
1. Promote the right leadership.  If leadership drives revenue, it’s clear that the better the leadership the greater the revenue.  The better leadership is right leadership.  Wrong leadership orders people to do tasks.  Right leadership has those people want to do the tasks.  The difference between ordering people and having those people “want to” is the difference between getting average results and great results.  In other words, good leadership isn’t about ordering people to do tasks but motivating them to be the ardent cause leaders of tasks.  In terms of revenue generation, good leadership trumps most products.  Bad leadership is, of course, a curse upon any organization.
Here are the drivers of motivational leadership

2. Employ the right leadership in revenue generating areas. Leadership helps all functions contribute to revenue generation, but you can get an immediate and powerful hit when you connect leadership improvements with those things that directly touch revenue generation.  

For instance, you can apply leadership to revenue generation in sales situations. Salespeople often fail to get “step-ups” because they have a short-sighted view of the customer.  They view the customer as only a customer!  Whereas, if we want to get big increases in sales results, you may see the customer not just linearly as a customer but systematically as a “cause leader,” one who both buys products/services and also leads your cause both inside and outside their respective company.

Here are ways to use leadership systems to step up sales results. 

3.  Develop and institute a Leadership Strategy.  Most leaders can put together a business strategy but few leaders know what a Leadership Strategy is, let alone how to put one together, though it is as important if not more than a business strategy. 
Whereas a business strategy seeks to marshal an organization’s functions around central, organizing concepts, a Leadership Strategy, on the other hand, seeks to obtain, organize, and direct the heartfelt commitment of the people who must carry out the business strategy. 
The business strategy is the sail, the Leadership Strategy the ballast.  Without a Leadership Strategy, most business strategies capsize. 
Here is information on the Leadership Strategy.
4. Develop a cascading of leadership action initiatives.  Your leadership programs begin after the leadership programs are finished.  In other words, what the participants acquired in the learning sessions must live in the field day in and day out for months and years.  In my work with top corporations for the past two decades, I help leaders of all ranks and functions select specific leadership action-initiatives in which they achieve, back on their jobs, big increases in money saved/earned using my methodologies. These achievements are accomplished through all functions.

Here is a test we use for the action initiatives.

Here is how we generate revenue through the good offices of leadership.

Leadership and leadership development is important in all aspects of organizational effectiveness.  But it is neglected in revenue generation.  When you see it as a tool to improve revenue generation, leadership improvements become capital improvements, your least expensive and most effective capital improvements.

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