The Candle And The Hurricane

Keeping learning alive in the face of the attack of the status quo.

By Brent Filson -

At the end of every session of imparting Leadership Talk principles and processes, I warn the participants: "The good news is you’re going to be far more effective leaders employing Talks. The bad news is you may not employ them for long. Giving Leadership Talks back at work will be like taking a single, candle flame into a hurricane. That flame is your new knowledge. The hurricane is the status quo, the common state of things. If you want to keep the flame alive, understand how to deal with the potent forces out to defeat your applying that knowledge."

This warning doesn’t just pertain to Leadership Talks. Bringing tools and processes back to your job which will allow the organization to get far more results than it’s been getting will often prompt the status quo organization to resist you. Why?

One way to look at it is through Newton’s principles of motion. A body continues at rest or in motion unless acted upon by an OUTSIDE force, and resistance to change is proportional to the magnitude of applied force.

Newton’s Law finds its corollary in organizational dynamics. Organizations tend to continue in their present state unless acted upon by an outside force.

But the corollary ends there. The status quo doesn’t simply resist change, it attacks those who try to change things.

The status quo has multiple attacks.

But you can thwart the status quo.  

When bringing your "outside force", your new knowledge and skills into your organization to change people’s minds and their actions, think of the candle flame and the hurricane. Know that if the flame gets extinguished, you will not only be validating the hurricane but you will, in fact, be joining forces with it. As long as you persist in that partnership, you can’t become a great leader.

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Brent Filson