A results-multiplier for learning leaders

By Brent Filson - 7/10

For years, I've taught leaders of all ranks and functions worldwide processes to help them achieve more results faster continually. 

Each one of those words — "more", "faster," "continually," are critical. When you understand their true meaning, and how that meaning relates to your daily challenges, the power of your learning leadership will be dramatically increased.

For instance, let's examine the concept of "faster."

Speed is a results-multiplier. When you are not only getting results but getting results faster, you can tap into a new results motherlode.  However, many leaders misunderstand speed. They think that to get results faster, they must speed things up — doubling the drum beats per minute for the galley rowers. But speeding things up is often the WORST way to go faster.

The right way to speed up is often to first slow down. Getting speed is usually the result of getting different parts working together more efficiently or differently — or finding new parts altogether.

To do that, you have to slow down. Slow down and look at what you want to get done faster. See the parts in the whole. Improve each part for speed. Improve their interaction for speed.

In addition, understand that speed is fundamentally a leadership dynamic. If you are not getting the speed you want, look first to faulty leadership. Draw a leadership map for speed. Who are the people you need as your cause leaders that will help achieve more speed? Win them to your cause. Get them to commit to specific leadership actions that they will take to make speed happen.  Institute evaluation and monitoring systems.

Finally — and this is especially important in your role as learning leader — see speed as a cross-functional issue. When I helped a company get speed in its order-to-remittance cycle, we had to engage a number of leaders in a variety of functions: sales, marketing, administration, supply chain, technology, and manufacturing. Getting cause leaders in every one of those functions then getting the cause leaders to work together as a unit was a function of strong learning leadership.

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Brent Filson
Brent Filson