Learning Leaders: Switch On Your Big Earnings-Growth Machine

Learning leaders can be vital players in driving earnings growth.

By Brent Filson - 11/09

Right now, your company has in place a big, earnings-growth machine that's ready to generate great results. 

However ... if your company is like the vast majority I've encountered during the past quarter of a century working with top corporations worldwide, that machine is not switched on. It's failing to generate its earnings-growth potential.

This is your great opportunity as a learning leader.  

What is the machine? It's the totality of your small-unit leaders, the leaders of your smallest organized teams.

I found out about the power of small-unit leadership in the Marine Corps when my company commander repeatedly told me, "Officers point out the fight, but small–unit leaders – the lance corporals, corporals and sergeants – take that fight to the enemy."

That lesson got burned into my platoon-commander's soul. 

The Marine lesson is your lesson too. 

For it wasn't until I was out of the Marines and interacting with leaders of all ranks and functions in civilian life that I understood that small-unit leaders should be generating continuous increases in those hard, measured results companies absolutely must achieve, like earnings growth. 

Clearly, small-unit leadership operates at the vital nexus where the value of your company intersects the marketplace.  

Without good leadership in front line units — the fire-team leaders and squad leaders or their business counterparts, the supervisors and first-level managers — organizations stumble, no matter how skillfully their top leaders engage in big picture endeavors.

This article expands on the concept: Learning Leaders, The Economic Crash And Small-unit Leadership.

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