The New Learning Leader

In these hard times, it’s morning for learning leaders who are fortunate enough to see the light.

By Brent Filson - 2009

In these hard times, when jobs and careers are up for grabs, it’s morning for learning leaders who are fortunate enough to see the light.

For you have a once-in-a-career opportunity to transform your job and career in rewarding new ways.

You can do this by embracing a new kind of learning leadership.

The old learning leader function involved your working out of HR, developing and disseminating training programs.

(Mind you, training, of course, will always be a part of the learning function. These days, training is more important than ever. But those learning leaders who focus on training exclusively in this long, brutal downturn will be discovering that their jobs and careers are experiencing a demise like being nibbled to death by ducks.)

The new function involves learning leadership being a key driver of the company’s absolutely crucial results — e.g., top and bottom-line earnings growth — and thus becoming a full-fledged member of the company’s C-suite.  The CRO, Chief Results Officer, if you will.  

The old function carried out the company’s strategy.

The new function is key in developing and executing strategy.

The old function was handed a take-it-or-leave-it budget and told to make things work within that budget.

The new learning leader function will have the leeway to develop its own budget, much like the company’s rain makers do.

Learning leaders are set up perfectly to meet the challenges of these hard times. Today, companies need to reduce expenses and control costs; they need to curtail capital investments and rigorously manage the ones they have; they need to bring revenue in line with debt. And they need to grow that revenue, or at least slow the rate of decline, despite what may be stagnant sales in moribund markets.

As a learning leader, you should help drive all these activities. You speak the company’s language. You align learning objectives with business goals. You interact with all functions and all ranks of employees. You think, speak, and act tactically and strategically. You introduce and disseminate new concepts throughout the organization.

Most important of all — and this is fundamental to your opportunity — these combined advantages can enable you, working with leaders of all ranks and functions, to get the whole company moving forward as a single, motivated unit. No other leader in your company, except the CEO, has this kind of potential clout.

Your company can’t control many aspects of this slumping economy — tightening credit, plummeting consumer confidence, shrinking markets, etc.. But the company can control — or, to put it another way, unleash — its small-unit leadership activities. Funding such activities should be seen as capital investments — the most efficient and effective capital investments that can be made.

Clearly, just recognizing you have C-suite value will not make it automatically happen. You must convince others. For instance, many executives have a narrow view of learning leadership. They see your function primarily in terms of training and, hence, when hard times come, as an expense item. And when you’re viewed an expense item, your budget and your job are at risk.

However, executives will begin to change their attitudes when they understand you can help them: 

As a learning leader, you are well-positioned to boost the value of your company in many ways. But you will only succeed if you become the new learning leader you’re capable of becoming.

As this leader, you can very well have an exciting new career as a C-suite leader with salary, responsibility, and perks that go with the position.

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