11 Ways To Boost Your Value In Your Company

With the economic sky falling, your job performance and career advancement depend on how well you demonstrate your value to your company.

By Brent Filson - 10/08

Abraham Lincoln, when told that General Grant drank whiskey while serving in the field during the Civil War, said: "Find out the name of the brand so I can give it to my other generals."

Lincoln held Grant in such high esteem – "I cannot spare this man, he fights!" – that the President overlooked the man’s foibles to keep him in command.

In these uncertain times, are you held in high esteem in your company? Do your colleagues and bosses see you as essential to the company’s well-being?

If your value, whether perceived or real, is lower than it should be, your job and career could be in jeopardy.

After all, there may be others who feel they could step into your shoes and do a better job than you’re doing; and they may be lobbying to make it happen.

Or the impact of the economic crisis on your company may be forcing decision makers to contemplate making radical reductions in your function or even eliminating that function altogether or hollowing it out to the extent that it is eliminated in all but name.

Your value to your company has many aspects: your work habits, how you get along with others, your salary, your seniority, your knowledge, your longevity, etc.

But doesn’t your ultimate value rest on the results you achieve? You do nothing more important as a learning leader than get results – however those results are defined. The best way to enhance your value is to get the required results.

Furthermore, to enhance your value, it’s not enough for you to get average results, you must get more results than expected of you, you must get them faster, and you must get "more, faster" continually.

Those results should:

In getting those results, you’ll:

Here are 11 ways, with links to more details, to enhance your value in your organization.

1) Engage in a Leadership Strategy. Your company has a business strategy. But I’ll bet it doesn’t have a leadership strategy. In fact, I’ll bet your senior leaders haven’t even thought of accomplishing a Leadership Strategy – even though they’ll agree with you that it should be accomplished. In many ways, a leadership strategy is more important than a business strategy. And you are the only person in your company who can be the key force in developing and implementing a leadership strategy.

2) Be a rain maker. The most valuable employees in any company are rain-makers, those people who generate revenue. Traditionally, the learning function has not been viewed as a rain-making one. But with this process, you can become an important revenue generator in your company.

3) Close the engagement gap: The Engagement Gap afflicts most corporations. Many leaders founder when it comes to getting employees fully engaged in contributing to the company’s success. But as a learning leader, you are in the perfect position – and maybe yours is the only position – to close the gap.

4) Bring Leadership Talks to your leaders: Leaders do nothing more important than get results. The best way to get results is not to order people to achieve them but instead to have those people be motivated cause leaders. The Leadership Talk is a vital process to instill such motivation in others.

5) Promote your "Unfair Competitive Advantage". Your great value in your company is tied to making happen what the company badly needs to happen: the attracting, developing and retaining of exceptional employees.

6) Encourage small-unit leadership. It’s small-unit leadership that touches the value of your company to marketplace realities. You can increase your value by training, guiding and promoting it.  Investing in small-unit leadership is the least expensive and most effective capital investment a company can make.

7) Drive employee motivation. Aside from your C.E.O., there is probably no other person in your organization, other than you, who can affect the motivation of all employees across all functions.

8) Make learning stick. When you insure that your clients carry the learning back into the jobs and apply it on their jobs, you influence your company in ways more powerful and long-lasting than any other leader in your company can match.

9) Get the right rewards. Your company is what it rewards. Most companies reward the wrong things. By insuring that your learning programs reward the right things, you’ll bring depth and direction to the culture you work in.

10) Make motivation stick. Whether or not your senior leadership is motivated to help drive great results is beside the point. After all, if they aren’t motivated, they won’t be senior leaders for long. The point is, how can motivation be driven down to the grassroots level of your company so that all employees of all ranks and functions are continually motivated? The answer, your great opportunity, is to make motivation stick.

11) Drive earnings growth. Of course, as I said in value-booster # 2, you should generate revenue. But you also have an opportunity to do something more, and that’s drive earnings growth. Clearly, earnings – the net when expenses are subtracted from revenue – are what companies thrive on. And as a learning leader, you can be a key player in helping your company achieve not just earnings but continual increases in earnings growth.

Conclusion: Of course, you’re not Ulysses S. Grant. Your boss isn’t Abraham Lincoln. And whiskey isn’t your on-the-job beverage. But the principles apply. Execute one or more of these 11 value-boosters, and you will solidify and enhance your value to your company so the decision makers must say, "We can’t spare you, you get results!"

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