How Learning Leaders Can Drive Earnings Growth

A powerful way to boost your job performance and achieve career success.

By Brent Filson - 9/2008

As a learning leader, you should be a key player in helping your company achieve top-line and bottom-line revenue/earnings growth.

If you’re not doing this, you may be falling short in your job performance and ultimately in your career advancement.

After all, your activities go right to the heart achieving such growth:

I’m not talking about your burdening yourself with additional duties by taking on roles of those functions that traditionally drive earnings growth, sales, marketing, production, etc.

Instead, I’m talking about your being a results-partner to those functions. Indeed, instead of working more in helping drive earnings growth, you should be working less and yet be C-suite level player in the company.

Here is a 8-Step process to claim your earnings-growth right and boost your job performance and career track to higher levels.

1) Acquire and maintain an earnings-growth mindset. Many learning leaders have a training mindset. And there is a crucial difference between a training mindset and an earnings-growth one.

Training, of course, is important for all learning leaders, but when you look at the company from a training perspective exclusively, you fail to see the vast earnings-growth possibilities that you can realize, often quite easily.

– Training is manifested generally within the status quo and is promoted through good management. Earnings-growth, however, seeks to transform the status quo to achieve continual increases in hard, measured results and is promoted through exceptional leadership.

–Training accomplishments are usually measured by budgetary requirements, surveys, and on-the-job applications. Earnings-growth is measured, for the most part, by across-the-board money saved/earned.

–Training is manifested by your developing, delivering, and monitoring courses. Earnings-growth is manifested by your being the results partner to the functions you work with and, as that partner, helping them get increases in their do-or-die results, results that could not be achieved without you.

–The training function usually reports into human resources. The earnings-growth function should report directly into the C-Suite.

2) Identify the Key Results Areas (KRAs) where earnings growth takes in your business. There are many definitions of earnings growth and a wide range of measurements. But for our purposes, let’s define earnings growth as the value that exists when equity returns exceed equity costs. Which gets down to net cash flow.

In other words, earnings growth encompasses both top-line and bottom-line cash-flow dynamics.

What KRAs must be focused on to achieve earnings growth?

2) Identify the Key Results Targets (KRTs) that must be hit for earnings growth to be achieved and sustained.

Here are a few KRTs that I’ve had clients of mine focus on: speed, productivity, operations efficiencies, reducing over-production, transportation efficiencies, streamlining inventory, eliminating wasted motion, eliminating defects, getting rid of over-processing, sales closes, sales leads, sales to new customers, failure prevention, health and safety, quality, training, logistics, marketing targets, new revenue streams, sales erosion, price, supply chain management, cost reductions, demand flow activities and technologies, inventory turns, cycle time reductions, materials and parts management.

Every one of these can be driven through the good offices of learning leadership.

4) Identify the Key Results Requirements (KRRs) that must be met to achieve earnings growth.

For instance, here are Key Results Requirements I help my clients use:

5) Agree with key leaders on the specific Action Initiatives needed to fulfill each requirement and the specific ways those results will be measured.

Action Initiatives are critical. These are the results-requirements of each Initiative:

  • Sizable — The results achieved must be more than wh

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