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Dear Frustrated Leader:

Envision your employees arriving at work Monday mornings as charged up as they are on Friday afternoons.

Can you imagine what that would do for your business?

What if your employees were brimming with new ideas? Challenging each other to exceed your goals?  Showed real passion and dedication to a common purpose?

And what if you could cultivate that mind-set day in and day out, year after year for continual results?

Here’s another thing: How do you want to spend the rest of YOUR career?

Do you want to be known as the visionary who unlocked the potential of each and every employee? Who earned your team’s undying loyalty, respect and admiration?

Would you like to be considered one of your company’s (and industry’s) most influential leaders credited with its dramatic turnaround and success?

Think it isn’t possible? I know better. That’s because I’ve witnessed the most incredible transformations at companies large and small around the world…

It is not only possible, but if you alter the way you think about your role, about what it takes to be a great leader, it’s well within your reach to convert underperformers to overachievers, reverse your losses and boost performance. 

Fact is, if you implement my methodologies, there’s just no stopping you. Best of all, you’ll actually work less and enjoy your job more.

The difference is you'll be more confident and focused. 

You’ll finally be able to tap your team’s talents, inspire them to join your cause, while almost effortlessly increasing productivity and profits.

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Serious Leaders Needed Only

My system isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have the drive, the determination, that special calling to lead… well, maybe it’s time to reconsider your career choice.

But if you’re ready to take a leap of faith, to step up to the challenge and realize your leadership potential, I guarantee you, with my system, you’ll become the leader you were born to be.

You’ll also be:

The Secrets to (Much) Better Leadership

There’s really only one difference between you and the greatest of leaders in business, government, and sports: they know how to inspire people and motivate them to act.

It sounds simple, but you know it’s not. I know it’s not. Still, it’s something you can do ... I know, because I’ve studied hundreds, even thousands of great leaders and learned they all shared the same answers to these 3 fundamental leadership secrets:

SECRET #1—How to inspire your team to meet your challenges and goals with passion and purpose for rapid results continually.

Here’s the thing: Most people WANT to enjoy their work. They want to feel useful, productive, and valued.

But how can you get a cynical, indifferent workforce—who’ve stopped believing it’s possible to enjoy their current job—to rally around you?  What will it take to get them to change their attitudes? 

Ordering them to change won’t work. Threatening them certainly won’t create the rapport you need. And manipulative incentive programs are temporary band-aids—costly too!

I have a better way—a proven way that includes:

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SECRET #2—How to instill a sense of urgency in your team and throughout your organization for fast, measurable results

Persuading your team to believe in you and your vision is just the first step toward results; but without a subsequent course of action, nothing really changes except their attitudes. 

How can you get your team to reverse their now ingrained habit of inertia? What’ll it take for your team to abandon their aversion to change? What’s got to happen so they’ll finally channel their desire for change into action?

Status reports, weekly meetings, shaming them into it won’t work. You need a bold new way to kick-start your team for fast results and build momentum for continual performance.

My system offers you new, practical ideas you can put into action right away that include:

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SECRET #3—How to get your team to take ownership of your mission for continual, long-term performance.

Your bold new leadership methodologies are working. You’ve managed to rally your team around your cause and are already seeing progress. But how can you continue to build and sustain a high level of performance?

This is a critically important stage of your leadership turnaround.

I can’t emphasize this enough: your team has to believe—beyond a doubt—that you are committed to the long-term success of the team and the company.

So what can you do? I’ve got some proven ways to take your organization from fast results to CONTINUALLY fast results, including:

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Over the last 20 years, I've painstakingly assembled all my notes, interviews, seminar materials, books, workbooks, audios, and videos into a complete, no-stone-left-unturned system, called:

"The Leadership Talk: Motivating People To Get
More Results Faster, Continually."

It’s a comprehensive, integrated system with just one end in mind: to help you prepare and deliver Leadership Talks throughout your day, day in and day out to reap results.

You’ll find it crammed with stunning leadership insights, practical ideas you can put into use right away, and easy-to- implement methods to increase productivity right away.

A system for any size organization, in any market, anywhere…

Fortune 500 and four-man shops, multinationals and solopreneurs, established corporations and newly- minted startups…

They all share one thing in common: Apparently, their leaders seem to have a bad case of insomnia.

I’ve noticed that they are up late at night. browsing my site for advice and tips on how to be a better leader. (No, I’m not psychic; I just read my Web logs and emails.)

So what does that tell you? That you’re not alone? Of course you’re not.

There’s never been a more challenging time to be a leader. The business market you learned about back in school or in the early years of your career is profoundly different—and more volatile than ever.

Which helps explain why one CEO of a mid-size software development company spent only 3 and a half minutes on my site before purchasing the Leadership Talk System.

In his email to me he explains…

“It was your advice about making a human connection with my employees…about how it’s time to take a bold new approach…it really connected with me. I just had to learn all you know about leadership so I could finally become the leader I’ve always wanted to be.”

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I’m not a college professor.  In fact, I first learned about leadership as a Marine Corps rifle platoon commander—an infantry grunt.

So I didn’t develop the Leadership Talk processes in an ivory tower.  I’ve been working in the trenches with thousands of leaders worldwide in the front lines.  I’ve been a grunt in the global marketplace!

My clients are running hard—They’ve no time to waste. (Sound familiar?) They want to get down to brass tacks immediately.  They want what works.  Anything else— forget it.

If I didn’t get them real results in their very real world, they’d have thrown me out on my ear.

Well, I haven’t been thrown out—yet. I’ve always made a commitment to give my clients far more value than what they paid for.

And it’s the same for you. I aim to give you outrageous value. Which means that with the Leadership Talk System, you will get outrageous results!

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You don’t have the time to wade through theory and academic jargon.

You’re up to here with “leveraging strengths,” “paradigm shifts” and anything “robust”—all you know is you’ve got to get those sales numbers up, those operating costs in line and meet your Board’s expectations.

You need to learn the Leadership Talk and start getting results now—or sooner.

That’s how I teach the system.  You’ll jump right into the deep end, whether you can swim or not, and learn you as you go. You’ll start putting the processes into action in every leadership challenge you face, every day.

You’ll work at your own pace, of course.  But in a few short days, you’ll be putting together and delivering radical Leadership Talks.

And take it from me, even a rudimentary Leadership Talk is far better than a polished presentation or speech.

Your team will immediately recognize a difference and immediately begin adjusting their own behavior.

And all the while, you’ll be learning more and more about the Leadership Talk.

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My Leadership Talk System Includes…

1. The Leadership Talk: The Greatest Leadership Tool

There’s no other leadership book like it. It represents the culmination of hours and hours of my work with thousands of leaders of all ranks and functions worldwide for more than 20 years. 

The Leadership Talk: The Greatest Leadership Tool conveys not only how to motivate people to get results, but precisely how to keep them motivated, day in and day out, and powerful, practical steps for linking that motivation to continual increases in results.

2. 101 Ways To Give Great Leadership Talks

101 Ways to give Great leadership TalksExpand and deepen your knowledge and application of the Leadership Talk throughout your entire career. 

You’ll get practical tips on giving Leadership Talks under all circumstances and in all environments.  This book is intended as a companion to The Leadership Talk: The Greatest Leadership Tool. 

Put it in your pocket for easy portability and handy reference.
(An $8.95 value—included in your package price)

3. The Leadership Talk Guidebook: Quick Start and Long Haul

Leadership TAlk System Quick StartIt’s the next best thing to having me at your side all day personally coaching you in the finer points of The Leadership Talk methodologies.
The book’s Quick Start helps you begin giving Leadership Talks almost immediately. And its “Long Haul” portion gives you a more advanced grounding in the Leadership principles for the years ahead.

You’ll find that you’ll never stop learning about the Leadership Talk, even after diligently applying it on the job for many years!

4. The 35-Day Increased Results Guidebook

35-Day Increased Results GuidebookRemember what I said about learning and results. 

If you are a leader and you are not getting results, you’re really not learning.  In this guidebook, I’ll take you through an 11 step process to transform your Leadership Talks for great results. 

You can’t go wrong!

5. The Leadership Talk Wallet Card

Small as a credit card, but let me tell you, this wallet card will keep you on track.  

Most of the Leadership Talk processes are packed onto this card for easy retrieval and use. 

Several months ago, I was passing through an airport and came upon a General Electric executive who purchased my system several years ago. 

He pulled out his wallet card and said, “Brent, I use this every day!  It’s great!” (You’ll think the same.)

“I refer to Brent Filson’s leadership wallet card to keep me on course.”

— Mark Goldman, Office of Career Development
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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My system is a comprehensive collection of methodologies researched, tested, and proven to work for leaders at the world’s most renowned companies and organizations. 

You’ll get the know-how I charge my clients upwards of $5,000 a day for—at a fraction of the cost.

Why? Look. Not everyone has the time and budget to learn these principles. And I love to get emails, letters and phone calls from my growing roster of fans—leaders who’ve taken on the Leadership Talk strategy and have realized their career and organization’s potential.

It’s so gratifying to be able to share these valuable skills with millions of leaders, affecting even more millions of people on their team and cultivating a quantum shift in leadership for an ever more competitive world.

I like to think I’m helping create a happier, more productive world. What could be more rewarding than that?

Here’s your reward for ordering today
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FREE Bonus #1 Executive Speeches: 51 CEOS Tell You How To Do Yours

Executive SpeachesThis book is a result of my interviews with 51 CEOs of successful companies across the U.S. on what worked for them in preparing and delivering speeches—not only formal speeches to large audiences, but those informal talks to small groups of people. (A $49.50 value—yours FREE!)

But I didn’t stop there.

I also packed the book with lessons learned from interviewing scores of other U.S. executives, as well as a number of the best speech writers and communication specialists. 

Don’t confuse this with your typical book on public speaking.  It’s packed with proven techniques employed by some of the most successful executive communicators in the country.

"Brent Filson has put together a treasure trove of anecdotes and quotes that you can borrow and use..."

"It wouldn't hurt if more corporate executives read this book before they stand up in front of an audience. Here is sound and sophisticated advice on the art of public persuasion, culled from the front-line experience of real-life CEOs. Brent Filson has put together a treasure trove of anecdotes and quotes that you can borrow and use .... "

— Thomas H. Kean, Former Governor of New Jersey

FREE Bonus #2 The Executive Speeches Supplement: the CEO

Whenever you have to give a talk, break out this template, fill in the blanks for a quick and easy way to develop and deliver that speech. 

Don’t get me wrong: just because I say the Leadership Talk is a far more powerful communication tool than speeches, doesn’t mean you should never give speeches.

And another thing;  there are many aspects of the speech that you can adapt to your Leadership Talk. So by all means, learn the speech, especially the way it’s taught in the book and supplement. (A $250 value – FREE)

"Thoughtful, Insightful, Practical "

"Not for executives only!  Whatever cause, policy or product you promote, this book can help you succeed.  Thoughtful.  Insightful.  Practical. Readable."

Dr. Kathryn Clarenbach
co-founder of NOW, the National Organization for Women

FREE Bonus #3 Authority is a Poor Excuse for Leadership

Authority is a Poor Excuse for LeadershipMaxims or mottos have an illustrious place in the annals of leadership history. 

Applying the less-is-more principle of expression, maxims use our intuitive knowledge to trigger action, guide behavior, and promote values. 

Maxims can be especially important in these times of sharpened competitiveness when traditional order-giving models of leadership are being replaced with a new kind of leadership that is more effective in highly competitive, fast-changing circumstances. (A $24.50 value—FREE)

"Become Inspired! "

“Brent Filson doesn’t just teach you how to lead. He inspires you to do it!”

- Duncan Anderson
"Success" magazine

FREE Bonus #4 Defining Moment: Motivating People to Take Action

Defining Moment: Motivating People to Take ActionLeaders should do nothing more important than motivate people to take action to achieve results. 

Plain speech triggers action.  These propositions are the pillars of the Defining Moment.  This book offers a practical guide to preparing and delivering talks that motivate people to take action for results. 

But that’s not all.  Since leaders must speak effectively to lead effectively, you’ll also get a blueprint for a new kind of leadership - an “action leader, “  who doesn’t give orders, but who knows how to motivate people to take the initiative. 

You’ll learn the secrets of motivation and action.  It’s a great companion to the Leadership Talk.
(A $39.50 value—FREE)

"Attention Grabbing, Inspiring, a riveting read"

"Brent Filson has staged a leadership coup.  He’s written a guide to grabbing attention and inspiring action that’s a riveting read from start to finish.  Defining Moment is enlivened by history, steered by practical strategy, and inspired by a clear vision of the leader’s calling."

-Duncan Maxwell Anderson
Senior Editor, SUCCESS magazine

FREE Bonus #5 Results! Results! Results! Getting More Faster

Results! Results! Results!Discover my “Results Process” - an 8 –step, systematic method for achieving the Leadership Talk’s fundamental premise, “More results, faster results, and ‘more, faster’ on a continual basis”. 

The “Results Process” begins with the SAMMER Test—an incredibly effective tool that helps you define the right results and continues through a “cascading of cause leaders,” to help multiply your results at increasingly higher levels. 

With this book, you can steadily increase the effectiveness of your leadership and the skills of your cause leaders. (A $42.50 value—FREE)

"Brent changes the way you do your job "

"Brent Filson’s leadership methods recast the way you think about things; in a deep, powerful, gentle way, they change the way you do your job.."

Laura Arling
General Director of New Business, John Hancock

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Priceless. Look at it this way: the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is simple. Successful people can motivate others to do what they want.  What would it be worth to you to have the greatest motivational tool of all?

Motivate your boss, your employees, your colleagues, clients, customers, boards of directors, committees you head or serve—even your teen-age son or daughter. Imagine!

Honestly, this system could easily sell for thousands of dollars. 

I charge $5,000 dollars a day to teach the Leadership Talk to my corporation clients.  And companies gladly pay it, because I guarantee them hard, measured increases in results—results far beyond what they are getting, results they can’t get without the Leadership Talk. 

That’s how powerful the Leadership Talk is!

So you’re getting several thousand dollars worth of value learning about the Leadership Talk.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price.

In fact, your total investment for the Leadership Talk system is just $299.

That’s right, just $299 learn how to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Considering the impact this system will have on your career and your profitability—well, you do the math!

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So What’s The Catch?
Why Am I Practically Giving This System Away?

The answer is simple: my personal crusade to help people enjoy their jobs more and make the world a better place.  

Remember, I work with a lot of top corporations. My company, The Filson Leadership Group, Inc., will continue to consult with companies who need my help. 
Not to sound immodest, but I truly believe the Leadership Talk is too valuable to our country’s economic future to be available just to major corporations alone.

Employees of top companies have enjoyed tremendous benefits from the Leadership Talk.  I want those of you with more modest budgets to have the same advantages.

It’s the American way!

I’m sharing the Leadership Talk with the world, and you can be part of this exciting, revolutionary new leadership movement.

My 30 Day Guarantee!

Try my Leadership Talk System for 30 days. If you don’t feel that it will help you become the leader you’ve always wanted to be return it to us for a complete refund. No questions asked. That’s how confident I am that you will find my system the solution you need.

Lead on.


Brent Filson

Brent Filson
Founder & President
The Filson Leadership Group, Inc.

P.S. If you continue the same way you’re going, you’ll continue to get the same results. What I’m offering is the easiest, most risk-free way to try the Leadership Talk system so you multiply your profits and skyrocket your career.   

P.P.S. This introductory Internet price of $299 won’t be available much longer.  Soon, the price will go up, and you’ll miss out on the chance to grab my Leadership Talk system for the lowest price it will ever be offered.

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