On St. Valentine’s Day, Woo Your Lover With

Leadership expert Brent Filson asserts that wooing one’s loved one can be done with a special kind of communication methodology which he has been teaching leaders worldwide for 21 years.

By Brent Filson - 2005

On Valentine’s Day, lovers should not only woo their sweethearts with chocolates and roses -- but also a Leadership Talk.

My experience in teaching the Leadership Talk to thousands of leaders worldwide for the past 21 years confirms that the Talk is a boon for leaders of all ranks and functions in their jobs and careers.

But I’ve also learned, to my surprise, that many leaders are employing the Leadership Talk effectively outside their jobs in their personal relationships.

Giving Leadership Talks helps leaders get a lot more results in organizations.  Leaders see how much more effective as motivational tools Leadership Talks are than speeches and presentations.

Speeches and presentations communicate information.  But Leadership Talks have you establish a deep, human, emotional connection with your audience.  That human connection is important in getting great results in your job; but it is also important in getting great results in your personal life -- even your love life. 

If you want to win or sustain the affections of a loved one, a Leadership Talk may just make it happen.

At first glance, it may seem that my mixing leadership and love is like mixing apples and oranges.  But great leadership and love share common elements.  For one thing, when you are wooing your lover, you may be taking the lead.  And for another, using a Leadership Talk, you’re fostering a into a deep, heartfelt relationship -- as great leadership often does.”

Here’re a few pointers on giving a Leadership Talk that you can put into effect this Valentine’s Day or any other day for love.  Before you speak, simply ask three questions: Do you know the needs of your lover?  Can you bring deep belief to the relationship?  And can you have your lover take action?   If you say ‘no’ to any one of those questions, you can’t give a Leadership Talk. 

The questions apply to lovers as well.  To foster a deep, human emotional relationship, you must know what your sweetheart needs, the deep belief you bring to the relationship, and finally, the action you want your sweetheart to take. 

However, the questions are not meant to be stumbling blocks to your Leadership Talk but stepping stones.  If you answer ‘no’, step back and assess your situation.  Think through what you might say so that you can ‘yes’ to each question.  Then speak.  Give a Leadership Talk.  And, by the way, don’t forget the chocolates and roses.


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