The Power Of Action

Motivation is physical action. 

By Brent Filson - 11/2009

I've talked about the four laws of leadership.  This month, I want to talk about the first rule, that motivation is physical action.

Note that the first two letters of the word are the first two letters of words such as “motor”, “movement”, “momentum”, “motion”.  Those words denote physical action.  Motivation isn’t what people think or feel but what they physically do.

This may seem like a simple, even simplistic, approach to leadership.  However, once you begin to see your leadership interactions in terms of physical action, you’ll see leadership with new eyes. 

For instance, in my seminars, participants develop Action Initiatives designed to achieve measurable and continual results back on the job.  I have them challenge the cause leaders who will execute the Initiatives not simply to buy into what needs to be done but instead to take specific, physical action to get it done. 

So the participants say, “What three or four leadership actions, PHYSICAL ACTIONS, will you take to achieve the results we need?” 

The difference between people simply saying they will execute their part of the Initiative and their committing to specific physical actions leads to significant increases in results.


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