Brent Filson's Results Package

By Brent Filson -

Objective: To have leaders and teams achieve continual advances in the realm of more-results-faster, all within the context of The Leadership Talk and the Results Process.

The Leadership Talk Seminar:

Using Filson's books, Defining Moment: Motivating People To Take Action and The Leadership Talk, the Seminar introduces leaders to The Leadership Talk philosophies, processes, and skills. The participants employ their key leadership challenges as a fulcrum for understanding the Three-trigger Motivational Process, recognizing and closing motivational gaps, getting results through the Defining Moment, and practicing using the tools of The Leadership Talk.  At the end of the seminar, they develop highly-focused, Action Initiatives to employ back on the job.  The objective of each Initiative is to achieve significant and continuos increases in hard, measured results using Leadership Talks.   

The 35-Day Increased-Results Initiative:

The graduates of the basic Seminar use The Leadership Talk  to carry out their Initiatives on the job for 35-days (seven business weeks).  They are encouraged to support one another during this time.


The Follow-up: 

Having used the processes for 35-days, the graduates meet for a one-day Follow-up in which they review and evaluate their original Leadership Talk; review and evaluate their 35-Day Initiative; develop ways within the context of The Leadership Talk to achieve more-results-faster; learn the Results Process and its key drivers; select and develop new Initiatives for more-results-faster; and get positioned to make The Leadership Talk and the Results Process a career-long, life-long endeavor.  


The Train-the-Leader Course:

Action Leaders learn strategies, tactics, and processes to teach The Leadership Talk to others. Becoming an instructor dramatically increases one's leadership effectiveness. Organizations that are intent on transforming their cultures through The Leadership Talk are encouraged to have their key leaders become The Leadership Talk instructors.


The Leader Instructs Leaders Course:

With Brent Filson or one of his designates on hand, the leader teaches The Leadership Talk  Seminar to new participants. On completing the Seminar, the leaders are certified to teach on their own. To obtain such certification, they must complete the basic Seminar, the 35-day Increased-Results Initiative, the Train-the-Leader Course, and the Leader-Instructs Course. Certified leaders can teach only by using Brent Filson's materials.

The Results Round Table:

Using the concepts and processes detailed in Filson's book, Results!Results!Results! Getting More, Faster, organizational units, from teams to whole businesses, develop strategies, processes, resource-mapping and enhanced The Leadership Talk skills to attain significant increases in results.


The Quarterly Step-ups:

Units that graduate from the Results Round Table meet quarterly to review their activities and evaluate best practices to achieve further increases in results.


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