One-Hour Teleseminar

A quick way for decision-makers to be introduced to the basic elements of a powerful leadership tool. The Leadership Talk.

By Brent Filson -

Objectives: The participants will learn elements of a powerful leadership tool, The Leadership Talk, to immediately enhance their leadership effectiveness.

In doing so, they'll tackle a critical business challenge and generate increased results linked to that challenge. The results can be:

Furthermore, the participants will see that the results can't be achieved without the use of Leadership Talks.

Overview: Participants will get an appreciation of the Leadership Talk and its vital importance as a results-generator. They will learn a few simple processes to help them develop, on the spot, a rudimentary Leadership Talk, which will be given to a specific audience at a specific time back on the job. The audience will be linked to their chosen challenge.

Important: What they will say to the audience, once they learn a few of the Leadership Talk processes, will be significantly different -- and much more effective in achieving results -- than what they would have said had they not learned the processes.

Implementation: The participants will:

  1. identify a critical business challenge facing them now,
  2. be introduced to the concept of achieving "more results faster continually,"
  3. be taught the differences between speeches/presentations and Leadership Talks and shown how Leadership Talks can provide the most effective means of meeting that challenge and getting those results,
  4. be introduced to a few basic processes of The Leadership Talk,
  5. identify a particular audience, linked to the challenge, to whom they intend to give a Leadership Talk back on the job,
  6. put together a rudimentary Leadership Talk to be given to the audience,
  7. give the Talk back on the job.
  8. be committed to developing and using Leadership Talks many times daily throughout their careers.

(Option: In a subsequent session, they may report the results obtained from their Leadership Talk, learn additional Leadership Talk processes and apply those processes to meeting another on-the-job challenge.)

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