The End Of Leadership As We Know It?

By Brent Filson -

I need a few good leaders for my next leadership book, my 24th book. And if they come from your company, I'll help boost your earnings growth beyond present levels. 

This book will deal with the kind of leadership required to drive individual and organizational success during and after the Great Recession.

I'll publicize it extensively with a media blitz — as I have done with several of my other leadership books.

Clearly, the Recession has changed the global marketplace in profound and lasting ways.  Today's business growth trajectories demonstrate that FLAT is the new UP.

GE's CEO Jeff Immelt underscored this concept in his 2009 letter to shareholders: "I believe we are going through more than a cycle. The global economy, and capitalism, will be ‘reset' ...."

Thriving in this "reset" world economy will be a long slog. Key to reset success in every organization is, clearly, leadership.

In the book, I'll use my 25 years experience working with leaders of all ranks and functions worldwide to demonstrate the kind of leadership needed to succeed today.  My Bio.

I'll follow a single business unit or company and do portraits of its leaders applying my leadership methodologies to boost their leadership effectiveness and achieve more results, especially in earnings growth.

Here is an article on a key methodology: Are You Sabotaging Your Career?

Mind you, the book will not be about the methodologies per se — but instead will be driven by the idea, manifested by the methodologies, that great organizational results — i.e. continuous increases in hard, measured results — happen in the realm of deeply-experienced, human relationships. As such, I'll tackle the dramatic interactions of leaders working through the global reset.

Thanks for your attention. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities of participating in my book project, please email me at and put "Book Project" in the subject line. I will contact you shortly.


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