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Use Brent Filson's leadership strategies.

For more than a decade, Brent Filson's books, courses and seminars have been at the forefront in the field of leadership. They don't simply help leaders develop a style of leadership but actually show them in step-by-step practical ways how to get big increases in hard, measured results on a continual basis.

Now, for the first time, he is bringing on affiliates to be part of his global undertaking. You can earn great income while being at part of a growing endeavor. 

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Leadership Talk System

“Improved our operating margins by 30%!"

"I have applied his tools and techniques in multiple companies and on multiple continents and found universal results. In my latest assignment, I applied the principles to help improve operating margins by over 30 points.”

- Paul Conroy, Business General Manager
Honeywell Europe

Brent FilsonBrent’s books, Leadership System, and seminars are grounded in this fundamental yet surprisingly overlooked leadership principle.

Let's face it: The most brilliant business strategies won’t work unless people agree to take the right action, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Think about it: If your company is going to thrive (or even survive), it depends on your people to contribute their time, their talents and their energy. So, why should they? Why would they?

That’s where you come in.

Relying on the traditional order-giving model doesn’t cut it. You won’t do it by dangling incentives in front of your team either.

You do it by creating a quantum shift in your thinking (and theirs!)

Brent’s techniques gleaned from over 20 years of in-the-trenches leadership research and real-world application, and founded on the qualities demonstrated by the greatest leaders of all time. Leaders who’ve inspired millions of people to accomplish great things.

How did Brent become one of the foremost experts on leadership?

He learned about leadership in the trenches. Literally.

As a Marine Corp rifle platoon leader, his life and those of his men, depended on his ability to cultivate the trust and rapport he needed to get results. Failure was not an option.

Then, for 20 years, he combined those battle -tested leadership skills with academic research that led to consulting for dozens of Fortune 500 companies including Bristol-Meyers, General Electric, PaineWebber, Spalding International and others.

“ If you want to learn to motivate two, two hundred or two thousand people his lectures and seminars are a must."

"Brent Filson is one of the most talented communicators in the world. If you want to learn to motivate two, two hundred or two thousand people to take action for results, his lectures and seminars are a must.”

- Joseph Mancuso, CEO
Center for Entrepreneurial Management

His book, “The Leadership Talk: The Great Leadership Tool,” was selected as a National Book Award Finalist in the career coaching category.

As a result, he’s been a guest on over 125 radio programs to share his Leadership Talk philosophy and process with millions listening in,eager to let their “inner leader” loose to achieve measurable results, fast, and continually.

Are you tired of the status quo? Ready to re-invigorate your employees, your company, your profitability?  Offer them a system that works, GUARANTEED!

Brent can help.  Call 413-458-4403 for more information, or complete the form below.

"I was inspired"

"“Brent Filson doesn’t just teach you how to lead. He inspires you to do it!”

- Duncan Maxwell Andereson, Senior Editor, Success Magazine

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